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The Central Valley Employers Resource Group, a full-service HR consulting firm, is dedicated to reducing both the complexity and costs attributed to HR planning.   

Highly-responsive and equipped with not only HR expertise, but also a professional passion for helping the organizations that we work with to address the ever-changing federal and state employment law requirements.  

At the center of what we do so well is our commitment to 'getting it right' coupled with the added value, and efficiency we bring to every project. It's what makes CVERG good for your business, good for your people. 

HR Simplified.


Demystify California employment law and keep up with the latest changes in federal labor law to avoid common employer pitfalls that all too often lead to employee related claims.


Identify vulnerabilities and uncover hidden risks applicable to each stage of the employee life-cycle, including LOA, disciplinary action and documentation, wage and hour law, new hire reporting obligations.


Protect your business by implementing strong policies and workable employment practices to equip management with the resources that drive productivity and ensure retention of your most important assets, your employees.

Our Capabilities




​Guidance and training are essential to assure that your management team knows how to identify situations that could become a problem, before there is an issue.  Having clear policies, implementing good practices, and providing preventative training can be challenging, especially if you do business in California.  Here at CVERG, we're committed to bridging the gap between productivity and compliance. It's why our clients hire us: 

  • Manager HR Guides

  • Conducting Effective Internal Investigations 

  • Termination Red Flags

  • Regulatory Compliance Requirements

  • Protected Leave of Absence  

  • Employee Relations and Retention Coaching

  • Performance Management Tools

  • Relevant factors affecting engagement and turnover 

  • meaningful and challenging performance expectations

Risk Management

There is no substitute for mitigating risk exposure.​  Whether you have 5 or 500 employees you need to protect your business from tricky situations that could become a problem.  With more than 45 years of collective experience identifying vulnerabilities and addressing risks, we've developed a professional passion for helping small and medium size businesses, just like yours.  If minimizing your risk of costly employment related litigation is important to you too, call us today - And put our team to work for you!

  • Review workplace accidents and conduct after action reviews.

  • Manage and mitigate risk by conducting an operational review of your current HR functions.

  • Identify strategic, operational, reporting, or compliance situations that could become a problem, and

  • Take measures to eliminate or reduce their impact. 

HR Management



As an emerging or small to mid-sized business, you may oftentimes feel the need to do more with less.  Working with CVERG, it's possible for  your organization to have access to a highly trained certified HR professional with extensive experience delivering best in class HR services at a level you otherwise may not be able to afford. Our team works with and for your people; bringing relevant and proven strategy to the complexities that impact your workplace. We offer high-valued and customized HR solutions:

  • Temporary departmental coverage

  • HR Start-up Services

  • Positional coverage on an as needed basis.

  • Strategic, Operational, Reporting, and Administrative Projects

  • Ongoing consultative HR support

  • Leave of Absence Management

  • Employee Handbook Design

  • HR and I-9 Procedural Audit




"CVERG provided the guidance we needed to overcome the obstacles that were impeding our progress."

John J.
A family owned agribusiness 

Are you in compliance?

There is no substitute for making sure you've got your HR compliance act together.  Whether you have 5 or 500 employees you need to protect your business from tricky situations that could become a problem.  

Our team of highly trained and certified HR management advisors have more than forty-five years of collective hands-on experience helping organizations just like yours, with:

  • assessing strategic, operational, reporting, and compliance risks 

  • identifying vulnerabilities and implementing measures to mitigate potential problems

  • establishing best practices for operational efficiency

  • analyzing strengths and weaknesses of internal processes

  • minimizing the risk of costly litigation

Risk management should be a continued and dynamic process.  Meet your HR challenges head-on, contact our team today for your complimentary HR audit checklist. and let us help you make the right decision, at the right time. 

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