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The Central Valley Employers Resource Group is a full-service HR consulting firm dedicated to reducing both the complexity and costs attributed to HR planning.    

With decades of HR expertise  and a professional passion for helping  small to mid-sized businesses meet HR challenges head-on, CVERG provides value added HR consulting capabilities that:

  • orchestrate solutions designed to solve organizational priorities. 

  • support HR compliance  efforts by addressing the ever-changing federal and state employment law requirements.

  • focus on business outcomes and value, which translates into an increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

  • optimize the HR function by aligning people with strategy.  

  • tie business drivers to measurable targets, equipping clients to make better business decisions and produce results that matter.


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HR Simplified.


Demystify California employment law and keep up with the latest changes in federal labor law to avoid common employer pitfalls that all too often lead to employee related claims.


Identify vulnerabilities and uncover hidden risks applicable to each stage of the employee life-cycle, including LOA, disciplinary action and documentation, wage and hour law, new hire reporting obligations.


Protect your business by implementing strong policies and workable employment practices to equip management with the resources that drive productivity and ensure retention of your most important assets, your employees.

HR Business Partnering

Human Resources 

Center of Expertise

​Guidance and training are essential to assure that your management team knows how to identify situations that could become a problem, before there is an issue.  Having clear policies, implementing good practices, and providing preventative training can be challenging, especially if you do business in California.   

  • Manager HR guides

  • Internal HR investigation training and coaching

  • Termination documentation and red flags

  • California mandated Anti-harassment training 

  • Employee relations and retention coaching

  • Performance management tools

  • Policy development

  • Responses to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and hostile work environment complaints

  • Workforce training and development 

Human Resources

Program Management

 Millions of businesses across the United States have been pushed to change the way they do business. For many, it involves adopting new business operating procedures and restructuring the role of their employees.  With decades of combined HR experience, the CVERG team is helping businesses get back to business, by providing the bandwidth organizations need to move through a transition.  CVERG is committed to bridging the gap between your intended HR practice and your actual and perceived HR practices, through:

  • alignment of the right structure, people and practices.  

  • communicating the right processes, practices and procedures to employees in a compelling way.

  • ensuring properly trained HR professionals are in place. 

HR Operations and Service Delivery

As a small to mid-size  business, you may oftentimes feel the need to do more with less.  With this in mind, CVERG offers  flexible service options, making it possible for emerging and established companies to have access to highly-trained, certified HR advisors. Whether your organization needs interim support or ongoing HR development, the Central Valley Employers Resource Group brings together HR business partnering and a center of expertise that translates to the delivery of best in class HR    solutions, offered at a level today's small business  may not otherwise be able to afford.  

  • Interim support

  • HR Start-up Services

  • Positional coverage on an as needed basis.

  • Ongoing consultative HR support

  • Employee surveys and focus groups



"CVERG provided the guidance we needed to overcome the obstacles that were impeding our progress."

John J.
A family owned agribusiness 

Are you in compliance?

There is no substitute for making sure you've have your HR compliance act together.  Whether you have five or five-hundred employees, you need to protect your business from tricky situations that could become a problem.  

Our team of highly trained and certified HR management advisors have more than forty-five years of collective hands-on experience helping organizations adapt and respond to a host of challenges, and in some cases, turning those challenges into opportunities, through the:

  • assessment of strategical, operational, reporting, and compliance risks 

  • identification of vulnerabilities and implementing measures to mitigate potential problems

  • establishment of best practices for operational efficiency

  • analysis of internal processes strengths and weaknesses 

  • minimizing of the risk for costly litigation

Risk management should be a continued and dynamic process.  Meet your HR challenges head-on, contact our team today for your complimentary HR audit checklist. and let us help you make the right decision, at the right time.