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Our Capabilities

HR Operations and Services

Emerging and established small to mid-size businesses looking to boost business outcomes in a post-pandemic business environment are calling on our team to help make it happen. Since the pandemic began, organizations from every industry have had to rethink the way they do business.  One thing that hasn't changed though, is our commitment to develop workable employment policies and procedures that include:

  • Single project 

  • Coaching and developing

  • Consultation

  • Program design

  • Organizational planning

  • Leave of absence coverage

  • On-boarding internal HR staff

  • On-going infrastructure support

  • Streamlining HR processes and procedures

  • Risk management 

Here at Central Valley Employers' Resource Group, we are experts at helping employers comply with California and Federal employment laws.  

  • Protect your business, while learning how to manage sticky situations

  • Guidance on internal investigations 

  • Termination Red Flags

  • Regulatory compliance training

  • California leave laws

  • Effective employee relations and retention practices

  • Performance management solutions

  • Relevant factors affecting engagement and turnover 

  • Set clear, meaningful, and challenging performance expectations


Risk Management

We are experienced in designing programs that comply with Cal-OSHA regulations and instilling a culture of safety in your workplace.

CVERG recognizes that workplace safety can drain valuable company resources, such as time and productivity, not to mention the toll it can take on the Company's culture. Here are some of the services we offer to help your business avoid these costly mistakes:

  • After action reviews of workplace accidents.

  • Operational review of current HR functions.

  • COVID-19 OSHA reporting requirements

  • IIPP Policy Design and Maintenance

  • Safety Audits

  • OSHA incident logs and forms 300, 300A

  • Return to work - Interactive process meetings

  • Workers Compensation claims and investigations


Noncompliance with Cal-OSHA regulations carries big penalties that range from $13,000 (other than serious to serious) to $132,000 (repeat & willful) and puts your employees' safety at risk.  Let us help you avoid these penalties today.

CVERG can help you manage and mitigate risk by conducting an operational review of your current HR functions.

Why do an HR audit?

  • An HR audit consists of an operational review of your company's HR functions, which will help identify compliance discrepancies per federal or state laws. Strict compliance with the often-confusing I-9 rules is your ONLY defense against serious monetary penalties and criminal arrests.

  • CVERG can create massive I-9 on-boarding projects during mergers and acquisitions as well as support small business owners who are required to compete on the same level as large employers when it comes to I-9 completion. 

  • Your organization's odds of being targeted for an audit of your I-9 forms have skyrocketed. I-9 violations come with a severe penalty. I-9 fine levels were raised by 96% last year.

HR Consulting


Central Valley Resource Group is a business-driven HR consulting firm focused on adding more value to organizational stakeholders we serve, enabling them to make better business decisions that result in:

  • maximizing outputs with minimal inputs.

  • optimizing the alignment between their most valuable asset and their business strategy

  • developing strategic capability propositions in alignment with their specific business priorities.

  • having the right processes, systems and properly trained people in place.


More About Our Services

  • CVERG provides live training

  • On-site at your location

  • Interactive and effective material

  • Compliant with California laws

  • Available in Spanish

  • Cost effective